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Organizing and conducting educational events

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We put love, effort and care into each of our projects. With a comprehensive approach and years of experience, we are not afraid to take on new and bold ideas, which makes us special. We take pride in our work and even more in our partnerships.

With love, from Kyrgyzstan!
Email: expo@woe.kg
What makes us special
The first marketing agency in Kyrgyzstan to provide services to the international market.
Individual approach to each project
Open and flexible to new knowledge and experience, able to adapt quickly to new circumstances as they arise
24/7 support, responding immediately to difficulties encountered
Powerful PR and networking base
Cheerful and creative team of specialists, who have many years of experience in promoting and conducting events
Spread the word about your brand name
We will listen to your ideas and goals, on the basis of which we will advise and select a suitable and profitable format for promotion
The concept
It is important for us to position you for the right audience, to communicate your unique value using accessible and modern marketing tools. All this is to achieve recognition and development of your brand in the local market
Due to our comprehensive approach and team of specialists we have realized a lot of projects of different complexity and specificity.
All our works you can see in the block "Our projects"
Organizing and conducting educational events
Consultation and support 24/7
We will meet and discuss all the details of your event from A to Z. Throughout our collaboration, we guarantee timely support and resolution of difficulties encountered.

Choosing a Location
Selecting a location depends on the theme of the event, number of the guests, technical equipment and availability.
Concept and planning
We create a unique concept based on your ideas and wishes. Advance planning will help us properly allocate time and resources.
Selection of activities
We consider that every successful and interesting event has to contain both official and interactive parts. Various interactions with your audience through the right activities will help to get closer to them, reduce the formality and severity of the event and create a hearty atmosphere
Event Calendar
It is very important to choose the right day for the event, so we try to take into consideration all the factors: the season, public activity, the schedule of other events, holidays and weekends
Hotel and Transfer Reservations
Thanks to our long-term cooperation with many hotels we are able to book affordable and quality accommodation.
Technical equipment and Catering
We provide all the necessary equipment: sound, screen or monitor, laptop, microphone, stable internet. On your request, we can contact you and organize catering at the best price
During our work and interaction with people, organizations and different spheres of activities we have been able to build up a successful network. Taking advantage of networking opportunities we can involve famous Influencers into your event, and you will be able to make new contacts and expand your network of useful contacts.
Our projects
Media Campaign
The campaign is essentially a laser-focused promotional tool that brings in a large number of leads and effectively establishes your brand in market.
The best results are achieved through the seamless integration of branding, design, development and marketing strategy
Destination Education Fair
Boost the interest to study in your country by Destination exhibition for local audiences about the learning opportunities.

Our previous cases include exhibitions for countries such as Malaysia and Italy.
School Visits
We work closely with schools and act as college counselors to help students through every step of the application process

  • 2236 - total schools in Kyrgyzstan
  • 100 - private schools
  • 62 000 - number of visitors on last year's exhibitions
  • 40 school partners
Solo Events
We also hold specialized online or offline events designed for a single university. We hold these events 1-2 times a month to spread the word about a partner university and connect with potential clients.

In the last year, we held 42 events with global and local partners and gathered more than 7,500 potential customers
Competitions and Olympiads
Together we can help talented children get a grant and, a discounts for studying abroad. Such events allow students to demonstrate their abilities in a variety of fields and subjects, and help them realize their dreams
Live Marathon
A live marathon takes place on Instagram and allows you to reach more people and increase interest in your services. It's a new way of marketing, so you have a chance to become our new "marathoner

The Education Caravan

The unique format of the event, consisting of cultural, informational and educational parts

  • 3 days
  • 2 cities
  • cultural enrichment
Succesful collaborations
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